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  • You must complete, sign, and file an updated Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN) Request form selecting the option to reactivate your account. Once the clerk’s office processes your request, you will receive an automated email from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) advising that your DeBN account has been activated. 

  • There are a few reasons why this may have occurred, including:

    1. If your name and address in your case does not match the address in your Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN) account, notices and orders that have been filed by the court will be delivered to you via U.S. Mail. If you recently filed a change of address with the court and did not receive an email from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) advising you that your DeBN account was updated, please contact the clerk’s office for assistance.
    2. Your DeBN account may have been disabled due to an email bounce-back (undeliverable mail). If your account has been disabled, you will begin receiving notices and orders that have been issued by the court through the U.S. Mail. If this occurred and you wish to reactivate your DeBN account, you must file an updated request form.

    Contact the clerk’s office with any questions about the status of your DeBN account.

  • Yes. By choosing “Update to Account Information” on the DeBN Request form and checking the box that indicates that you have filed a new bankruptcy case, the clerk's office will review your account to ensure that your name and address in the existing account matches the new case.

  • Contact the clerk’s office if you have any questions about the DeBN program. Do not contact the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) or reply to email you receive from the BNC. Those BNC email accounts are used for the sole purpose of sending email; inboxes are not monitored.