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  • What is an associated case in appellate CM/ECF?

    An associated case is a case the court has identified as being related to another case because the cases involve the same parties or the same, similar, or related issues of law. An associated case will appear in the Applied Case Selection box on the File a Document screen. A document may be filed to all the associated cases listed, or the user may deselect (uncheck) cases in the list. If an associated case(s) is deselected (the case will appear in bold), the event is only filed to the lead case. If the case is selected, the document is filed to the associated case(s). The selected associated case(s) is displayed at the top of most of the document filing screens.

  • Can I get an exemption to filing electronically?

    Local court rules vary. Contact the court or check its website to determine if there are local rules governing this process.

  • How do I sign up to receive notices from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) via email?

    To sign up, visit the BNC's public website, at, read the information provided, download and complete the registration form, and submit it to the BNC.

  • When is CM/ECF available?

    The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except for routine or emergency maintenance that should be posted on the court's website).

  • I tried to file a document, but it says "format not recognized." What am I doing wrong?

    You may have either saved the document as something other than a PDF, or you did not provide the full file path name. All documents must be saved and submitted as a PDF, with an extension of ".pdf." In addition, be sure to provide the full path name when identifying the file during the upload process (e.g., C:somedirectorydocumentsmotion.pdf.)