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  • How do I receive my "free copy" of a document?

    Each attorney of record in a case will receive an email containing a hyperlink to a document that has been filed and can be viewed the first time for free. Attorneys may list multiple email addresses for their filer login so that interested parties can be notified of filings as well.

    The link expires after the earlier of these two events: the first use or 15 days. You should print or save the document during the initial viewing period. If you click the link after it has expired, you will need to enter your PACER login information and will be charged to view the document.

    • If the document is for certain case types (e.g., a restricted, Social Security, or immigration case), the system will prompt you to log in. Always enter your CM/ECF login/password. If you log in using your PACER information, you will lose your free copy. NOTE: As courts convert to the next generation (NextGen) CM/ECF system, you will only use one login for both PACER and CM/ECF. Go to the court links page on this website to see if your court has converted to NextGen.
    • If you click on the case number link, it will display the Docket Report. You will need to log in to PACER to view this report, and you will be charged for access.
  • Can an attorney's support staff receive a copy of the notice of electronic filing (NEF) and notice of docket activity (NDA) email?


    For district and bankruptcy courts:

    Attorneys may authorize duplicate receipt of the NEF for up to 5 support staff members. To add email recipients, the attorney should use the Maintain Your Account/Email Information option under the Utilities menu.

    For appellate courts:

    Attorneys may authorize duplicate receipt of the NDA for several support staff members, depending on the length of email addresses (up to 255 characters).

    To add email recipients, the attorney should log in to Manage My Appellate Filer Account on this website and use the Update Noticing Preferences option in the Personal Info/Address Updates section.

  • If I forward an email notification to someone else, will that person be charged for viewing the document?

    If you forward the email without clicking the link, the email recipient can view the document for free. Anytime after the first viewing, a charge will be incurred to view the document. The document should be saved during the first viewing.

  • How do I save the one free copy?

    CM/ECF participants receive an email notification of activity in each of their cases containing a link to one free copy of the document that has been filed. The recipient should save the document to view or print later.

    NOTE: To save the PDF, make sure the Acrobat Reader is opening in a separate window and not in your browser.

    1. Click the document link.
    2. The document loads into Adobe Reader.
    3. Click the diskette icon in the top toolbar.
    5. A dialog box entitled Save As appears over the document.
    6. Complete the following data fields:

    • Save in: Designate the drive and directory to save the file.
    • File name: Name the file. Example: Public, JQstaymotion.pdf.
    • Save as type: Leave at Acrobat (*.pdf) default.

    7. Click the Save button to store the document in the drive and folder you designated.
    8. You can now view or print the document at a later time.

  • Is there any reason I would not receive my court-generated free copy emails?

    The email may have gone to your junk email folder. If a recipient inadvertently identified a previous court email as spam, the internet service provider (ISP) may be blocking email from the court. Contact your ISP to rectify this situation. Some ISPs may automatically route court email to a junk mail folder. Go to your junk mail folder and mark the email from the court as "not junk mail."

  • When I click on the link in my email, why do I get a blank screen?

    You may need to change the settings in your PDF viewer. If you are using Adobe, use the following steps:

    1. Click Edit, then Preferences, then Internet.

    2. Uncheck Allow Fast Web View and Display PDF in Browser