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Tips to Avoid Duplicate Filings


• When using Point of Sale, single click on the "Make Payment" button--double clicking could result in multiple billings.

• Avoid using the back button on your internet browser.

• Always verify the correct PDF(Portable Document File). This file governs the filing.

• If using one of the commercial bankruptcy software programs, avoid clicking on the Case Upload/One-Touch button more than once.

• If there is question as to whether the case was successfully filed, access the ECF Query menu to search by individual name for pending case(s).

• Exercise caution when more than one support staff is working on the same new case.

• Use correct events when filing a new Bankruptcy case or Adversary Proceeding:

  • Open Voluntary BK Case not Other Events (Voluntary Petition)
  • Open an AP Case not Complaint & Summons