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Point of Sale Procedures

On September 1st, 2004, the Northern District of Indiana Bankruptcy Court instituted new procedures regarding Point of Sale transactions.
Pursuant to the Fifth Amended Order Authorizing ECF, all filers must pay applicable court filing fees at the time of filing under the procedures established by the Clerk. On December 1st, 2003, the court began processing fees using Point of Sale technology. The following procedures further implement this technology:
  • Beginning September 1st, 2004, filers were required to pay their fees using the Point of Sale popup window which appears after a document is filed with the cour
  • Required filing fees must be paid at the time of filing. If fees are not paid after 48 hours, the system will place the electronic filer into automatic “lock out.”
  • Once a filer is in a “lock out” status in the system, future actions are immediately restricted to:
  • Paying the outstanding fees
  • Accessing PACER
  • Querying a case
  • The system will not allow you to file new documents until the outstanding fees are paid
Please note: As described in prior instructions regarding Point of Sale, the receipt field box must be left blank.
Additionaly, on September 1st, 2004, the ECF system switched to a new electronic payment program. The new system requires users to complete some payment fields, indicated by asterisk, as well as an authorization field. The attached screenshots are provided for your convenience. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion of the summary and authorization information. (See sample attachment)
For those using private bankruptcy software which does not allow users to pay fees at the time of filing, such users are expected to pay their fees by going into the ECF system and selecting from the Utilities menu, Internet Payments Due. This will execute the Point of Sale process.
If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the court’s Help Desk at 574‐968‐2246 or the court’s Financial Department at 574‐968‐2226.