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Update on the Payment of Filing Fees When Filing Cases Electronically

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Filing Fees

Except in those cases in which a request for a fee waiver or to pay in installments has been filed, bankruptcy fees must now be paid in each case as the case is filed in CM/ECF.  As a result, filers will no longer be able to complete the filing process and receive a case number until the fee is paid. 

CM/ECF filers opening a voluntary bankruptcy case will be redirected to the fee payment screen to complete the payment process through the PACER Service Center.  Until applicable fees are paid, the filer will not be able to proceed further with the filing process and the case will not be filed.  After the payment is made, the filer will be automatically returned to the case opening screens to complete the filing and receive a case number.

As a reminder:

  • Be patient and wait for the payment processing screen to complete the transaction.
  • Avoid clicking on the Back Button to prevent a duplicate payment to process.

Installment Fee Payments

Filers who have been approved to pay in installments may now make the installment fee payments electronically for voluntary bankruptcy cases.   To do so, use the CM/ECF event Bankruptcy > Other > Payment of Installment Filing Fee.

These changes will take effect on Monday, March 2, 2020.  Please contact me at (574) 968-2230 if you have any questions regarding these matters.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

Christopher M. DeToro
Clerk of Court