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How to Create a Creditor Matrix

Creating the Matrix

  • You must type lists in a single column on the page.
  • Letters or characters cannot be closer than 1" from any edge of the page.
  • Each name and address must consist of no more than five lines. The last line of each address can only contain the city, state and zip code. Do not put the zip code on a separate line.
  • List creditor first names first, last names last, without titles (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.).
  • You must leave at least two blank lines between creditors.
  • Do not use more than forty characters on a line. Each line can contain up to forty characters, counting all letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces.
  • Use ALL CAPS. Do not use both Upper and Lowercase letters.
  • Do not use punctuation marks, such as commas, periods and colons, in the address.
  • Do not use the letter l as a substitute for the number 1.
  • Do not use % as a substitute for c/o.
  • Do not use \ as a substitute for /.
  • Do not use +, use either and or the & symbol.
  • Do not use ~ as a substitute for -.
  • Do not use [ ] as a substitute for ( ).
  • Do not put any information on the matrix such as a heading, a date, lines, page numbers, etc.
  • Do not include the names of the debtor, joint debtors, attorney for debtor, U.S. Trustee or case trustees on the matrix.

An example of a properly prepared creditor address appears below:

PO BOX 789
ANYTOWN IN 12345-6789

You must also submit a verification of the matrix.