Official Forms B 22

Beginning June 1, 2015, Official Forms B 22A-1/A-1 Supplement, 22A-2, 22B, 22C-1, and 22C-2 must be filed separately due to new reporting requirements and should no longer be included in the Voluntary Petition PDF attached during case opening in the court's Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. The following ECF events will be available to file the B22 forms separately:

  • Bankruptcy > Other > Chapter 7 Statements - Monthly Income (22A-1)/Exemption Presumption of Abuse (22A-1Supp)
  • Bankruptcy > Other > Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation 22A-2
  • Bankruptcy > Other > Chapter 11 Statement of Monthly Income Form 22B
  • Bankruptcy > Other > Chapter 13 Statement of Monthly Income 22C-1
  • Bankruptcy > Other > Chapter 13 Calculation of Disposable Income 22C-2

Headers on PDF Documents
Effective July 16, 2015, headers displayed on PDF documents in ECF will be moved from the bottom of the page to the top of the page.

Commencing an Adversary Proceeding & Issuance of a Summons
Prior to the implementation of ECF Release 5.0 on February 25, 2013, the court used a program that automatically generated and docketed a summons at the time a new adversary proceeding was electronically filed. Due to changes resulting from the upgrade to Release 5.0, that function is no longer available. As such, the summons is now generated by the court and should be available for your use on the court's docket generally within one working day after the adversary proceeding is filed.

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