February 2, 2001 General Order 2001‑01 B‑3007‑1
February 23, 2001 Amended General Order 99‑1 Becomes Rule B‑2002‑2
April 30, 2001 Order Amending Local Rules B‑1007‑5; B‑5005‑1; B‑7007‑1; B‑7026‑1; B‑7026‑2; B‑7037‑1; B‑9010‑1; B‑9013‑1; B‑9014‑2
December 7, 2001 Order Amending Local Rules B‑6006‑1; B‑9013‑1
August 27, 2002 General Order 2002‑01 B‑5005‑1; B‑5005‑2
September 24, 2002 Second Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rule B‑5005‑1 B‑5005‑1
April 28, 2003 General Order 2003‑01 B‑1007‑2; B‑2002‑2;B‑2015‑2; B‑5005‑2
April 28, 2003 General Order 2003‑02 B‑5005‑2
October 28, 2003 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑5005‑1; B‑5005‑2; B‑9011‑1; B‑9013‑4
January 15, 2004 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑5005‑1; B‑5005‑2; B‑5005‑3
June 23, 2004 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑2002‑1; B‑3006‑1; B‑9014‑2
February 15, 2005 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑2002‑2; B‑2014‑2; B‑4004‑1; B‑9019‑1
April 28, 2005 General Order 2005‑01 B‑2002‑2(a); B‑5005‑1; B‑9014‑2
September 22, 2005 General Order 2005‑02 B‑1009‑1(a) & (c)
October 14, 2005 Order Adopting Interim Bankruptcy Rules and Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑1002‑1(a)(2);
B‑2002‑2(a)(15) and (a)(16);
July 21, 2006 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑9006‑1(a); B‑9014‑2
December 22, 2006 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑5005‑2; B‑9070‑1
March 1, 2007 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑9010‑2(a)
August 31, 2007 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑2002‑2(b)(1)(B); B‑3017.1‑1
November 30, 2007 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑1002‑1
November 30, 2007 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑3007‑1(a); B‑9013‑1(a)
November 30, 2007 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑5005‑3(b)
April 25, 2008 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑4004‑2
July 23, 2008 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑4004‑2
August 29, 2008 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑2002‑3
August 29, 2008 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑9010‑1
May 11, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑2002‑2(a)(19)
May 11, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑4001‑1
May 11, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑4004‑3 and B‑2002‑2(a)(25)
September 11, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑4003‑1; B‑6007‑1; B‑7037‑1
November 18, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑1007‑3(a); B‑1007‑3(c); B‑1007‑4(b); B‑2002‑2(b)(1); B‑2002‑2(b)(2); B‑2002‑2(d); B‑2014‑2(b)(2); B‑2015‑1(a); B‑3006‑1(a); B‑3018‑1(b); B‑3020‑1(a); B‑3020‑1(b); B‑4001‑1(b)(3); B‑4004‑3(c); B‑5071‑1(b); B‑7007‑1(a); B‑7016‑1(d); B‑9010‑2(e)(2); B‑9010‑2(e)(3); B‑9013‑4(d); B‑9014‑1(b)
December 1, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑4004‑2
December 16, 2009 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑1017‑1; B‑2015‑1; B‑4001‑1(c); B‑4002‑1; B‑4002‑2
June 18, 2010 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑5071‑1(b)
October 29, 2010 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑9010‑2
May 5, 2011 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B‑3002‑1; B‑3007‑1; B‑5005‑2; B‑5005‑3; B‑7024‑1
August 3, 2011 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B-2014-1, B-9010-1(i)
October 31, 2011 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B-1009-1
May 21, 2012 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B-1001; B-5072-1; B-7069-1; B-9010-1
May 21, 2012 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B-9013-1
August 31, 2012 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B-2002-2; B-6004-1
December 18, 2012 Order Amending Local Bankruptcy Rules B-7056-1

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