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Training Helpdesk

Welcome to Electronic Case Filing (ECF) Training for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Indiana. The ECF system is a judiciary-developed application offering internet access to official case records in the federal courts. This application enables participating attorneys and litigants to file pleadings and corresponding docket entries with the court, and allows courts to maintain and retrieve case file information using electronic or digitized format. This training is provided as a prerequisite to receiving an ECF login and password.

This training is intended for:
- Debtor attorneys (and their support staff)
- Creditor attorneys (and their support staff)
- Trustees (and their support staff)

If you are a creditor/claimant user, training is not required to obtain a login and password. The application for login and password can be located on our website at:

Only attorneys, trustees, attorney and trustee support staff, and creditor/claimant users are eligible to file papers electronically with the court. Of particular note, pro se parties – that is, persons representing themselves without an attorney, are not eligible to file electronically.

Persons wishing to view court records may do so through the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) system. Training for the PACER system can be located at